Your wife can climax. Take my word for it

Rick Stanley

You, like many men, may suffer psychologically because you cannot bring the woman you love the most to a proper orgasm. Maybe you talked with her about the problem, and maybe your woman consoles you by saying that actually, orgasms are not important to her.

Whether she tells the truth is another story. Maybe she genuinely loves you, even without orgasm. So she says it's not important to her.

Or she just starts faking orgasms.

Maybe the problem is your sexual technique.

But maybe it's more physical. And this is where some special herbal supplements can come in.

Butea superba, for example, can increase libido. If your wife has more sexual desire, and does not just consider intercourse as a service she provides for you, her orgasm threshold will be lower.

Please let me issue a warning. The butea extract I sell can be extremely powerful on some people. So, if you or your wife have never used our products, first-day dosage should be minimal. You can even just open a capsule and take half of the content. Only if there are no side effects you should go on standard dosage, and high dosages of loose butea superba extract powder for a pronounced effect are advisable only after you have used standard dosages for some time. Please do not bypass this warning. First use absolutely minimal quantities.

The herbals I sell have been manufactured by, a renowned manufactured for three decades. Please do not buy junk supplements. They are either ineffective or a danger to your life.

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The other herbal which we sell and which may have potential to facilitate orgasms for your wife is kaempferia parviflora (krachai dam). Kaempferia parviflora is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. By that it increases blood flow to the erectile organ, the penis on men, and the clitoris of women.

Your wife may not be able to achieve orgasm because during sex, her clitoris retracts under the hood so whatever stimulation you apply, may just not reach.

Krachai dam extract enlarges the clitoris, so the likelihood of orgasms will be increased.

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